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FamilyScrybe™ is a worldwide hub for family historians.

Just a few months into mapping out our vision, we realized that family history is a worldwide journey. *Whether you’re uncovering Irish forebears that you never knew, capturing an oral history interview with a relative in a foreign country who speaks another language, or even hiring someone to scour an archive in a Slovakian town whose name has changed three times in the last century to help a client, this path is not a straight and isolated one.

Families come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ethnicities, and creeds. Our vendor marketplace, inspirational online magazine, and free GEDCOM-fueled family blogging platform (launching Summer 2020), were created to help families get their stories, genealogy research, and photos out of their computers or a paywall protected website, and into something the whole family will engage with.

No technical skills needed. Even non-researchers will enjoy reading about your latest finds! Start with our free website and add customizations as you go.

(*Our founder encountered all of these situations in her first 6 months as a professional genealogist.)


Please read our corporate statement about our site-wide policies of inclusion and against racism on FamilyScrybe.

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The Origins of FamilyScrybe™

Inspired by a love of family

It was a time when parents were heroes and this little girl dreamed of becoming a mother not an astrophysicist. (Sorry, Mom!) One of my favorite regular pastimes as a child was getting out my parents’ wedding albums and old college annuals. To this day, there is a lipstick print…