It can be so hard finding the perfect gift. We all want to find a gift that will make someone’s face light up and eyes start to dance. The best way to find the perfect gift for someone is to know what the person likes.

If you have a family historian on your gift-giving list, then here are some gift ideas that will be perfect for any family historian, no matter how long they’ve been researching.

If you’re a podcast listener and would rather mull over these recommendations while you’re on the treadmill, we cover a lot of the same information in my podcast on the topic.

And if you prefer visual information, read on. I’ve grouped my gift suggestions together by how long the family history addiction has been present in your loved one’s life!

Here are a few ideas for the beginning family historian

  • Genealogy reference books
  • DNA testing kit
  • Subscription to a genealogy magazine
  • Genealogy software
  • Genealogy themed apparel and accessories
  • A gift card to an office supply store (binders or organizational supplies)
  • Framed pedigree chart

Here are a few ideas for someone who has been researching for a while

  • Subscription to a genealogy website
  • Genealogy society or lineage society annual dues
  • Membership to genealogy or historical society
  • Passes to a national genealogy conference
  • Portable scanner
  • External hard drive or USB drives
  • Custom designed binders

Devices, memberships and subscriptions can get expensive. So here are a few more ideas for the family historians in your life. These are more budget-friendly and creative.

  • An ‘I Owe You’ for two hours of document scanning
  • An address book with family contact information
  • Agree to be interviewed
  • Journal and pen set

Lastly, if the person you need a great gift for falls into the truly special or close family category, here are some gifts that are truly personal and memorable.

  • A family heirloom
  • Family photos or recipes
  • Historical books about the researcher’s local community
  • Family school yearbooks
  • Copies of family DVDs or videos

These gift ideas can be used for any occasion throughout the year for the family historian in your life. I was able to find items from every price range.

Whatever your budget is, remember that unique gifts always come from a place of love and thoughtfulness.