Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone. I’m about to share one of my diehard, all time favorite family history media hacks.

I don’t know about you, but growing up everyone in my family took a home video of some really precious moments. And don’t get me started about the iPhones in my family. The Peachicks and I record everything!

When I go into the basement of my clients’ houses, there are often containers full of old video tapes. Once they’re digitized, how in the world do you find what you’re looking for? As a collection grows, how to organize them and remember what is on each one can be daunting.

Don’t worry, Dropbox has a trick for this:

  1. Upload videos to Dropbox
  2. Organize in folders by event, topic, place, or year.
  3. Press play and begin watching
  4. When you see a clip that you want to remember, click on COMMENT. (This is in the upgraded dropbox subscriptions only.)
  5. Type something like “children playing 1972” or “Christmas 1999.”
  6. Dropbox will timestamp the video exactly where the comment is made.

We stumbled up on this quite accidentally a few weeks ago when we were editing a video series for our YouTube Channel. Dropbox made this so easy, and it was actually fun to see how we could track every important moment and conversation in the recorded materials.

Although it’s not yet possible to search Dropbox comments fields, you can ensure that you chose a file name for each video in a way that allows you to remember the topics covered. Then, when you open the individual video, the particular footage you’re looking for is as easy as finding the right comment.

The commenting feature in Dropbox can be helpful for anyone trying to organize their media. This is especially true when you’re creating an impactful piece to share with friends and family and need to get to the good stuff.

Even just tagging the family members in each of your home movies, location of where the video was shot, or what was being celebrated can be helpful for future project. The options are endless and thanks to Dropbox, organizing and storing your pictures and movies can be too!