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About this vendor

Genealogist Carolynn ní Lochlainn has been researching family trees since 1980. She can help those who are searching for living persons, those trying to look backward, and those trying to fill in blanks in their histories.

Experience includes American, Canadian and English records, but I have worked in records in the Spanish, German, Latin and French languages, as well.

Genealogy as reparations

Much of Carolynn’s current work is focused on Reparational Genealogy, a term she coined. Working pro bono with descendants of enslaved persons, as her schedule permits, is a personal mission.

An experienced coach, her goal is to teach her clients how to use the major websites and repositories to expand on the initial tree she builds for them.

Award-winning Podcast

The Genealogy: From Paper To People podcast is available on most podcast aggregators you can think of. Programming is an eclectic combination of how-to’s, stories, and family recipes – a kind of online audio classroom and get-together.

“Whether I’m doing all of a client’s research or just getting a client started, nothing will keep me from the truth about a family,” says Carolynn. “And yes, there are ALWAYS surprises!”

If reparational genealogy sounds like something you want to learn more about, the podcast’s Patreon campaign is accepting sponsors!


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