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Quick and easy access to vast Family History Library record collections

AtFHL is a large team of professional genealogists whose work regularly inside the world famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Their services include both research and record lookups. The company is not affiliated with the FHL, yet they are ideally situated to help researchers who need hard to find original documents.

Their genealogists easily access records every day that are only accessible by having “boots on the ground” at the FHL and other repositories around the world. AtFHL is 100% committed to making the records (film and books) that are not available online available to everyone everywhere as inexpensively as possible.

AtFHL saves you the cost of traveling to Salt Lake City or other locations worldwide where the majority of the records needed for family history research are located.

We invite you to save the cost of purchasing airline tickets, save the cost of hotels, restaurants, and other expenses, and instead let us find and send you the records you need.

There is a better way to access the offline records. That way is Try a record lookup today!


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