About this vendor

Community driven data for identifying victims and solving crimes.

Users of the new site, DNASolves can help law enforcement identify victims, find missing persons, and reveal perpetrators of crimes by uploading their DNA profiles from sites such as AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, 23andMe, and others.

A leader in forensic biometrics, Othram, the company behind the site, is committed to keeping communities safe. Advanced security and encryption safeguards your data, with privacy the number one priority.

Contribute your DNA to help solve crimes and enable the identification of John/Jane/Baby Does and bring closure to families. Your data is never shared for other purposes, such as medical research. DNASolves will never allow the public to search or match against your data.

Othram ensures that user DNA data remains private and is used directly by law enforcement to solve crime. This is the ONLY use for the data entrusted to DNASolves.


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