Extreme Genes

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As Mom once explained it… ‘Honey, bottom line is… you’ve got extreme genes!’

Extreme Genes is a natural for Scott Fisher, a Connecticut native, who has been in radio since his youth, and has spent three decades of spare time as a passionate “roots sleuth.”  His ten books on the families of both his and his wife’s ancestors, written over 30 years, fill the better part of a shelf in Fisher’s family room library.

David Allen Lambert has been on the staff of the New England Historic Genealogical Society since 1993 and is the Chief Genealogist for both NEHGS and AmericanAncestors.org.  He is an internationally recognized speaker on the topics of genealogy and history.

Tom Perry is Extreme Genes’ “Preservation Authority.” His digitization enterprise has taken Tom across the United States and throughout Europe and South America consulting, documenting, and preserving memories in various formats as technology has changed and advanced.

Extreme Genes began in July of 2013 on a single AM/FM station in Salt Lake City. Today the show is heard in dozens of markets across the country and is heard over 500,000 times a month. Fisher is also a national speaker on the subject of family history.


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