Heather Nowlan

The passing of her mother sparked Heather Nowlan’s interest in researching her family tree. Quickly realizing that it was too late to get interviews from the living, she did not stop there. Her passion for family history research ignited long-term studies of recognized coursework which she continues to this day. Her passion is to help others with family history – even if no relatives are available to ask.

Based in the UK, she is uniquely positioned to visit and access the troves at The National Archives, Society of Genealogists. Her skills include Family History Skills and Strategies, Intermediate Certificate with Pharos Tutors and The Society of Genealogist, and a Higher Certificate in Genealogy with the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies.

With the education, drive, and affordability of new DNA tests, Nowlan can help find not only lost relatives, but also the living.


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