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Preserving your legacy, exquisitely.

At the heart of the Modern Heirloom Books process is a series of in-person interviews that many of Dawn Roode’s customers tell her they value as much as they do their final book!

“The best way to get to know someone is to talk with them. In person. With an open heart, and a curious mind,” says Dawn. “That is how I gather stories.”

A long time magazine lifestyle editor and designer, Dawn and her team expertly curate their clients’ “stuff”—old photos from boxes, digital family photos from phones and hard drives, and then hone memories, elicit stories, and design a book that is graphically and narratively evocative.

Take a journey of discovery with Dawn, and she’ll present you with a modern book of life that will resonate for generations to come—and that you will revisit again & again.


While Dawn can and does work remotely and often travels to document family stories, she primarily serves the greater Tristate Region (NY/NJ/CT).


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