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Weeva collects and composes the world’s most powerful stories – yours

Have an important story to tell? Give it the platform it deserves. Weeva guides you through the process of collecting the memories and photos—from you and your community—that make your story meaningful. Then, our team of professional designers and editors polish it into a distinctive, stunning presentation. Together, we’ll create something beautiful and moving, beyond what you thought was possible, and that lasts forever.

Your story, stunning and everlasting

Weeva helps you make an amazing keepsake book without all the hard work.

Start by signing up and creating your online book project where you write, save and organize the stories and pictures you want to have in the book.

Next, invite family and friends to your project so they can add their own memories and pictures. With everyone contributing, you’ll quickly have all the stories and photos you wanted.

Finally, place an order and Weeva gets to work designing a keepsake book just for you, filled with all the collected stories and photos. Spelling, punctuation and grammar-checked! See? Easy.

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