A rising tide really does lift all boats

FamilyScrybe™ facilitates conversations between personal historians, genealogists, and family history fans worldwide – both with each other and the vendors that serve them. We are a hub for all things family history and genealogy.

We were founded to make it easy for genealogy addicts from all walks of life to engage with the eye rollers (come on, we know you have them, too!) those non-researching, just-don’t-get-it friends and family members who don’t want to navigate a paywall to hear about the latest must-read family legend or see the photo of your great grandfather’s floors for the Truman White House renovation.

Our audience of family history-obsessed users turns to FamilyScrybe™ for fresh ideas, industry experts, a like-minded community, and more importantly, to easily engage the rest of the family in documenting families. Free family websites are the tool with which our users look for ways to better tell their stories. Our blogging platform requires no coding, no hosting, no fuss.

Do you have something amazing to offer family history researchers and family storytellers? We’d love to hear from you.

(After all, we really are all related if you look back far enough!)

Family history is meant to be shared.